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ONE PRICE! ONLY £25 ,00 GBP* /mo
€30,00 EUR / $32,50 USD

In all our software, domain name** and web hosting*** and AndroidTM mobile application (including Play StoreTM publishing)**** service are provided free of charge.

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*All prices do not include VAT. The main currency is GBP. USD and EUR prices are approximate. Unless otherwise stated, the monthly equivalent of the annual prices will be shown. All gifts are valid for the first year and standard prices apply thereafter.

**Within the scope of the campaign, the extensions specified in the domain name selection screen will be offered while the related software product is added to the cart. With annual payments, the domain name is renewed free of charge.

***Discounts within the scope of the campaign will be automatically processed in the basket. Hosting renews for free with annual payments.
The hosting package offered free of charge is the “BASIC” package, the features of which are stated on this page.
The domain name licensed in the hosting service is hosted, additional or different domain names cannot be hosted.

****The mobile application offered within the scope of the campaign only targets the presence of your website on Google PlayTM, the application content will only provide access to the website. The website page to be published can be changed optionally. Applications will be published on Google PlayTM with the publisher name “Marka Veri Merkezi Hizmetleri – Yazılım Departmanı”. If the website content does not comply with Google PlayTM policies, the application may not be published. The mobile application continues to be published as long as the service bill is paid. ‘In-app purchases’ and/or advertising content will not be displayed within the app. In case the service is terminated or moved to another provider, the user may request the administrative rights of the mobile application. In this case, Marka Data Center Services may charge an ‘application development’ fee according to the current conditions.

In your software orders, there is a delivery time that can vary between 24 and 96 hours, depending on your special requests. Depending on your demands, this time may be longer.

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